Monitoring Progress & Measuring Success

Student celebrating their graduation
Ivan Jones, Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon graduation ceremony, 2014.

We will monitor our progress against the strategy through a range of qualitative and quantitative measures of success.

Overarching key performance indicators:

  • Student enrolments.
  • Diversity of the student body.
  • Graduate destinations.
  • Overall student satisfaction.
  • Operating surplus.

Transformative education 

  • Student satisfaction with learning and teaching.
  • Student attainment.
  • Staff engagement and satisfaction.
  • Staff profile.

World-leading research and enterprise 

  • Research profile.
  • Research staffing.
  • Research student numbers and awards.
  • Research and enterprise income.

Communication and collaboration 

  • Industry collaborations.
  • Academic partnerships.
  • Staff and student mobility.
  • Alumni engagement.

Building an inspirational environment

  • Condition of our estate.
  • Learning resources.
  • Student accommodation.
  • Carbon footprint.