The Refinery Water by Sejuiced

London College of Fashion undergraduate students delivered an intelligent and inspiring outlook for Sejuiced and its brand “the refinery”, with project outcomes designed to drive future potential business for Sejuiced in both home and EU markets.

Sejuiced has over 10 years of experience in creating natural and delicious drinks and have now turned their expertise to the flavoured water market where they have identified a gap for a premium product.

Their view is that mainstream flavoured waters are plastic-tasting, contain lots of sugar and artificial ingredients and are limited to basic variants. Sejuiced believe that people making healthy drinks choices should be rewarded with a better alternative. And so they are launching "water refined": a range of all-natural premium still waters in gourmet flavours based on food pairings under the brand name “the refinery”.

Sejuiced have set themselves an ambitious goal: to create a cross-over product that repositions water as a healthy soft drink. They plan to pioneer a “new wave” in refreshment that reintroduces people to water and its hydrating benefits and propose to achieve this through distinctive recipes that defy expectations of how water tastes and packaging that breaks conventions in the bottled water category.

The Brief

LCF’s Fashion Business School undergraduate students were asked, in creative interdisciplinary teams, to produce a set of Brand Assets for “the Refinery”.

Teams had to research, analyse and present a range of 21st century consumer lifestyles, aspirations, ethical and social attitudes, and in response to their research, produce a range of brand concepts, and merchandise options appropriate to “the Refinery” brand and product range. Students had to respond to the existing brand positioning and identified target and lifestyle market analysis.

Creative teams were commissioned to develop a series of considered brand assets that will engage aspirational consumers appropriate to “the Refinery” zeitgeist.


All teams showcased and rationalised how their concepts will be promoted, marketed and ultimately communicated to the identified consumers and consumer groups.

The final, fully illustrated campaign publication, supporting presentations and prototype marketing ideas/product solutions clearly set out a range of market intelligence, communication assets, brand building and new retail concepts/thinking designed to promote “the Refinery” brand for the future.