Tony Credland

Tony Credland, Lead Tutor, MA Graphic Media Design, LCC
Image by Alys Tomlinson

Tony Credland is a print-based graphic designer and Lead Tutor on the MA Graphic Media Design course at London College of Communication.

Tony Credland is a Lead Tutor on MA Graphic Design at London College of Communication, and an independent designer specialising in print for clients such as Channel 4 & 5, New Scientist, BSS publishing, IIED and Test Dept.

A graduate of Portsmouth University, Chelsea College of Art and Central Saint Martins and later the Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht. He was co-organiser of the Cactus Network, which manifested itself as a mail-art magazine and co-editor of the poster magazine 'Feeding Squirrels to the Nuts'.

His interests in Graphic Design range from mapping, book and magazine design to politics, often utilising accessible print techniques such as screenprinting and Riso machines in community workshops to encourage a greater visibility of local campaigns.

He was involved in radical media projects such as London Indymedia and Reclaim the Streets and continues to be active in grassroots politics and co-edited the book We are everywhere; The irresistible rise of global anticapitalism.

He is a regular juror on the Meme Festival of Radical Communication and along with other LCC staff, set up the Design Activist Research Blog (DARH) and Design Activist Research Hub concerned with the visual and material culture practices and artefacts of social movements and other formations of resistance and agitation.


Recent Activity:

  • Design Activitism Research Hub
  • Publications, events, international workshops
  • Completed Supervising Research Degrees in Art, Design and Communication, CPD Framework in Academic Practice in Art, Design and Communication, CLTAD, UAL)