Academic Support across the University

Student descending stairs at CSM Library
Student descending stairs at CSM Library, Ana Escobar, 2015

UAL Academic Support provides an innovative range of workshops and resources for all students, offering a space for collaborative and personal enquiry into the nature of arts learning. We aim to help you to understand what influences the way you learn, and how increasing awareness of your own habits and motivations can improve your study practices, progress and achievement.

The University-wide workshop programme explores a number of important themes including research, thinking, writing, presenting, collaborating, and how and why we get stuck – looking for example at creative blocks and troublesome knowledge. They take place across all College sites and offer excellent opportunities to share experiences, develop your abilities, and network with students from outside your course or college.

Academic Support Online is our easy to use, frequently updated website and resource finder where you can quickly access a range of multimedia resources and book to attend workshops. You will also find information and links to your College’s Academic Support, the Language Centre and other University services.

Resources cover themes of Approaching Learning, Reading and Writing, Research and Library Skills, Digital Skills, English language, Making Presentations, Collaboration Skills and Understanding Assessment. They include interactive e-books, video and audio resources, as well as links to selected external websites. The Viewpoints section provides a dynamic, frequently updated series of interviews, talks, opinion pieces and short films, which enrich and link to our workshop programme and resources. 

You can keep up to date with UAL Academic Support through, as well as on Twitter @UAL_AcadSupport and

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